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Tune Your Sound, Sound Your Tune

Guitars make Sounds !
Guitar players make Tunes.

But which guitar makes your Tune best?

At, we have the answer!
The one in the middle!

Builders is
the official distributor
of some fine guitar luthiers.

Visit our Builders Page
to discover their work:

El Daga | Greg Germino | Ryan GadowTerry McInturff |
Mikaël Springer | Michael Tuttle  | TAO Guitars by John & Serge | Keith Roscoe | Magneto Guitars

Rent an exceptionnal guitar !

For concerts or recording sessions, we offer you
to rent instruments from a large collection of
guitars, basses and amps.

For more information,
please visit our Collection Page

Vintage and Collectibles for sale ! is proud
to have the world renowned
"MARGATE" Vintage Guitars Collection
from the USA for sale.

For more information,
please visit our Vintage Page

We have 2 locations to interact with you.
One is in the USA and one in Europe.

Visiting us is possible
only on appointments

More about the European Showroom
or the US Showroom.