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We operate no full-fledged on-line shop as we are of the opinion that guitars have to be tried. Only after having touched and played a guitar, you are sure if an emotional bond can be established or not. This is important in the decision making process of buying a guitar. Nevertheless, you can buy instruments on line, by contacting us:
These are the brands we offer:

We display in our on-line shop all instruments (new or used) which are available and in stock. Exceptionally some preorder items will be offered. Items sold are also listed to give some insight of the range of instruments available.

We have chosen to offer a line of high quality and hand-made instruments that we absolutely believe to be the best in the marketplace. Those instruments are built in very small quantities and are n most cases one-offs. You can always contact us to have a special order placed respecting your personal specifications. We will work it out with the builders to get you that instrument special built.


If you have any questions, please contact us