Gadow Guitars


Overview proudly announces that it has been chosen as the exclusive agent for the sale of Gadow Guitars in most of Europe. We firmly believe that the work of this guitar builder is one of the finest to be found. All instruments are hand-build to your specifications, including the pick-ups, and will be unique. The whole product-line is available in our showroom (virtually and physical at our shop location in Luxembourg).

Currently Ryan Gadow went out of business and stopped making guitars. Nevertheless we still have some of his products available.

Ryan offered a dozen different models, electric guitars and bass guitars. Those guitars are custom made, if you wish so, respecting your creativity and Ryan always strives to be as flexible and receptive to your own personal ideas when it comes to designing the guitar of your dreams.

Gadow electric guitar models being offered:

  • The Classic Set Neck
  • The Custom Set Neck
  • The Custom Set Neck Hollow-Body
  • The Custom Set Neck Hollow-Body Special Edition
  • The Durham
  • The Durham Hollow-Body
  • The Bird

Gadow bass guitar models being offered:

  • The Custom 4 Bass
  • The Custom 5 Bass
  • The Classic 4 Bass
  • The Classic 5 Bass
  • The Bird Bass 4

In order to allow you to choose your proper model, design, set-up a large number of prototypes and one-offs are available for trial in our shop. See under Showroom.

You can combine your favorite features of the Gadow line of guitars to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you’ll be proud to own. Some of the options for creating your custom shop guitar include the following:

  • Tone Woods
  • Scale Length
  • Fretboard Woods
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom pickups
  • Custom inlays
  • Custom mechanics

Building a guitar takes time and you should not expect to have your own guitar within a week nor a month. Ryan uses to work to perfection and that takes time.

Note that all the guitars are special hand-build for

If you have any questions, please contact us