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Guide for the Exhibition at Belle Etoile - The History of the Electric Guitar 1927 - 1957

Part of the TYS Collection will be on display from the 16 February until the 25 February 2017 at the Exhibition: Guitares de Rêve - The History of the Electric Guitar 1927 - 1957. 

The Exhibition is hosted at:
route d'Arlon
L-8050 Bertrange

In order to guide you trough the exhibition you can find the description of items on display here to download;



Film projects supported by TYS supports local film projects by supplying instruments out of its collection.

Recent loans were done for two Andy Bausch directed films Freddy (2015) and Sixty8 (in production).

Freddie is a short film that combines biographical and experimental elements to portray the double life of the exceptional talent. The film is directed by Andy Bausch and produced by Nilton Martins, who plays also the leading role, and Frame-Art Media.

TYS Video Production for My Own Ghost presents My Own Ghost, a rock band from Luxembourg founded in 2013, live at LED. The music relies on Julie's warm and powerful voice and on the musicians' different backgrounds, ranging from pop to metal, by adding some electronic tweaks. In the meantime the new album, produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica, Amorphis a.o.) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, Sunrise Avenue, Bullet For My Valentine a.o.), is ready to hit the stores at the end of 2016.

New Website

New TYS website

It is now 3 months that we have introduced our new website. We hope you enjoy it. 

Nevertheless it is still work in progress. Indeed we have a lot to do!

The TYS collection part is updated with new information and acquisitions we have done over the last 3 years. We hope that you can now better understand what the purpose of the collection is: telling the story of the birth of the electric guitar and as most instruments were owned by musicians it also tells the history of rock music.

After Work Concerts @ d’Coque with TYS

D’Coque and have teamed up for a series of After Work Concerts @ d’Coque. To make this a special happening we invited the bands to pick some instruments from the TYS Guitar Collection. Each band can choose 3 guitars. Those guitars will be displayed at the Coque prior to the concerts.

The visit to was the occasion to follow the bands in the quest for their favorites and to hear them try out those guitars for the first time. Nothing was really planned and the rehearsals just happened on the spot.

Myth of the Electric Guitar, Exhibition at the Groninger Museum, Netherlands, 2014

Myth of the Electric Guitar, Exhibition at the Groninger Museum, Netherlands, 2014 was proud to team up with the Groninger Museum for this exceptional exhibition on 'The Myth of the Electric Guitar', 14 January 2015 to 9 May 2015. For this occasion a catalogue has been issued.


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