TYS Update January 2014

2013 was a good year for www.tuneyoursound.com as many of the projects started some years ago were able to mature and take shape.

Firsts of all we are very proud to have passed all the hurdles to get Greg Germino´s amp series 25/40/45/55 CE certified. This allows now a legal distribution of Greg´s amps in Europe. We had in the past to ask our clients to be patient and wait for the final test results, but now we received the first batch of amps which were delivered to the final clients. A new batch is being produced right now by Greg and the amps should ship in in the first quarter of 2014.

Second is that we are now fully operational with our facilities and many guitar lovers have paid us a visit. The result is to the delight of those who visited us. In no place in Europe you can see so many different guitars and try them out. From historic guitars you rarely see in Europe to artist owned instruments you find a vast choice of sound in the 500+ references we have at display. Unfortunately those instruments are not for sale, but can be rented for a recording project. Nevertheless they help to search for the sound the musician is ’looking’ for.




We have extended in 2013 also the range of brands offered for sale by www.tuneyoursund.com. All the guitars and amps we offer are hand-built. We increased our stock of finished guitars in order to display the skills of our builders and also to shorten the delays to get a guitar. We still privilege custom built guitar to match the specific requests of each musician, but the stock guitars very often match the ‘first needs’ and allow to explore the instruments to better formulate the specific features wanted for the next guitar.

Today we are happy to have added to very distinctive guitar builders: 

- Michael Tuttle providing extremely playable guitars based on standard Fender platform guitars; once played a Tuttle you never go back to the original (even if it is a custom shop):

- John & Serge of TAO Guitars two extremely talented guitar builders producing a very distinctive looking and sounding guitar line; those guitars are very scarce and are in most of the cases designed to fit very eccentric design wishes. More custom you cannot get! And once having had a look at the finish you will know what is a high class custom guitar!




Finally we are continuing in supporting artists in their projects by providing instruments, facilities or/and technical assistance. The latest project we have completed is with the luxembourgish artist and cello player extraordinaire André Mergenthaler for whom we produced a video of one of his performances.




So what to expect in 2014?

We are working on a redesign of our website. We are being consulted very heavily and we have to improve the structure and the ease of access to make it more user-friendly. Over the last 2 years our collection has grown and we have put many references on-line creating a virtual museum of the guitar. This gives people the chance to see very often for the first time in images certain rare guitars and we hope you enjoy this feature.

We are also working to get some additional builders on board. We maintain our philosophy of having only hand built guitars and amps on sale from builders where we have a privileged relation. 

So watch out what will come next!

2013 was a good year for www.tuneyoursound.com as many of the projects started some years ago were able to mature and take shape.


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