TuneYourSound.com visits Terry McInturff

TuneYourSound.com had the opportunity to pay a visit to Terry McInturff's Guitar Building Shop in Siler City, North Carolina, United States of America. This was a unique moment to discover the 'Man' behind the TCM guitars. To share this with our friends we have produced some video footage. We hope you enjoy this and that this inspires you to get a TCM guitar. 

As you will discover, all of TCM guitars are created by the magic of Terry's 'Hands'. In the video clips you get a guided tour by Terry himself, who explains his philosophy of building guitars and you get also some idea how they are actually build. Terry was perhaps not too present over the last years as he was reconsidering his creative process. He joined the NC Arts Incubator in Siler City to get an exposure to other artists. This helped him to move forward in building guitars. The result is his brand new guitar line: The Spitfire.

Why have we chosen to work with Terry McInturff? As you can see from our vintage and artist collection of instruments we have a good insight into guitars. We have had the opportunity to get into our hands guitars from nearly every builder and we had also the opportunity to plug them in and play them. Having all that experience at hand we were impressed by the constant quality and the perfection Terry is able to put into his guitars. Some people will not like the sound of one or the other of his guitars and that's ok. What you could never reproach to Terry is that he has done a poor job on the building of the guitar. As for not liking the sound that can be worked on as Terry is open to the requests of his customers. As you can see in the videos, to get the right tone it's a question of matching woods, creating cavities in the body and choosing finally the right pick-ups to capture the tone of the guitar. So you search for Your Sound, try to work this out with us.

Guided Tour:



TuneYourSound.com has just visited Terry McInturff! Discover his Guitar Building Shop in Siler City, NC, USA and his newest creation: The Spitfire. If you want one of the first crafted pieces of The Spitfire contact us.

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