Progress Report: Building a Germino Fillmore 100


Lets roll back in time to 1967. It's early in that year that Marshall made the switch from KT-66 tubes to EL-34's with new transformers for this tube type. These are the second series Drake transformers made. 1203-80 power, 1202-119 output with no 4 ohm tap and 1202-132 with a tap for 4 ohms. Unique to these new models was a reverse typeset JTM lettering on the front panel which is affectionately know today as “Black Flag”. Later models would simply say JTM-100. Unique was a dual bridge rectifier being fed from two individual high voltage AC secondary windings of the power transformer. All of these early amps used a Bass circuit derived from the JTM-45. Steel chassis made their debut in early in 67 as well.

That was in those days! Today Greg is building more than a replica of those amps. This amp reproduces great sounds from Hendrix, Free and others of the day. Big clean and round at lower volumes to incredible semi broken tones when pushed. A fantastic crunch rhythm amp, and great for cleaner solo work. Excellent with pedals or a fuzz face. Similar to a JTM-45/100 but with a firmer feel and the unmistakable sound of EL-34's.

Here are some pictures of the building process  click here .

Let there be Rock!

Greg Germino is building a serie of amps for Get an insight in the building of a Germino Fillmore 100!

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