Official TCM Spitfire Video released has placed orders to produce the first TCM Spitfire guitars. You can pre-order them with us.

Unfortunately mother nature didn't allow Terry to go ahead. The Mississippi River flood of 2011 may seem like a thing of the past, yet the final toll was shrouded in murky water. Thousands of acres of crops, timber and catfish farms were flooded. Terry used to secure his wood out of this area and is facing the problem to get the proper wood for his guitar building. He has now secured a stock enabling to start the production and we hope to see the final result somewhere early September.

In the meantime Terry has released on YouTube the first official TCM Spitfire Video. Labeled as TCM TV Episode One: Meet The TCM Spitfire!, we are interested to see with what he will come up in Episode Two!


If you wish to pre-order one of the first pieces crafted of The Spitfire, contact us at:




Unfortunately production of the first TCM Spitfire guitars is delayed as it was difficult to secure the wood Terry wanted to use for building his new line of guitars.

But in the meantime see the just released official TCM Spitfire Video.

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