Washburn, Custom Shop JB-100, 1996 – modified by Jennifer Batten


Custom Shop JB-100
The Story Behind


About the Guitar:

Jennifer Batten, mostly known for being the lead guitarist for Michael Jackson during his golden age, endorsed Washburn during the early 1990s-mid 2000s. She can be seen on some tours playing an MG113 Performer, as well as her very own signatures, the JB-100 midi, JB-100, and JB-80. The series lasted from 1998-2003.

This is a heavily modified Washburn and was used by Jennifer. 

Jennifer in an interview:

I had several guitars (Washburn) in the beginning but really settled into what would become the JB 100 body. It just felt very comfortable from the start. I had 2 of them built for the History Tour and am still using one of them as my
main guitar.


They sent me the basic guitar and I added the original Floyd Rose trem, Seymour Duncan JB Jr and Duckbuckers, Roland GK2 synth pickup, and requested swamp ash as I wanted the lightest guitar possible, and a rosewood neck. It's a glued sculpted neck with a very comfortable heel.  I prefer the short scale to a Fender scale for the size of my hands.

This is one of the two guitars.

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