Warwick, Jack Bruce Reunion Bass, 2005


Jack Bruce Reunion Bass
Serial Number: 
Bubinga Pommelé
5-piece Ovangkol
MEC humbuckers
The Story Behind


About the Builder (from Wikipedia):

Warwick is a Germany-based bass guitar manufacturer company. The company was founded in 1982 by Hans-Peter Wilfer. Warwick basses were originally a premium brand offering a small range of models built from high quality and exotic tonewoods with 'Neck-through' design. The company also produces Valve and FET amplifiers, speaker cabinets and bass guitar strings.

About the Guitar:

Warwick about the reunion bass:

A consummate bass celebrating the reunion of Cream, the band that invented the power trio.

Named simply the Jack Bruce Reunion Bass, this neck-through masterpiece features a 5-piece ovangkol neck with black veneers between each laminate. There is also a thin black layer of veneer between the fingerboard and the neck that creates a stripe along the edges of the neck. Other special touches include LEDs on the top edge of the fingerboard and a mother-of-pearl block inlay that is engraved with "Jack Bruce Cream Reunion." 

The body of this instrument is made of solid bubinga, with interior tone chambers that enhance the harmonics and sustain, lighten the overall weight of the bass. The top of the bass is made from stunning AAAA bubinga pommelé, with a black veneer separating the body from the cap to match the same treatment on the neck.

In the heart of the Reunion Bass are 2 specially-designed MEC humbuckers that were handwired to Jack Bruce's personal specifications. The pickups are covered in a chrome cap that enhances but does not obscure the large poles pieces, further accentuating the "vintage" aesthetic. It cannot be stressed enough how much care went into the planning for the pickups of this bass. Both pickups were specially calibrated and the placement of the pole pieces was set to the exact distance to each string to optimize string balance and performance. 

While the pickups have a classic look, their technology is ultra-modern and they are teamed with an active MEC 3-band preamp, also custom-made under Mr. Bruce's supervision. The result is a bass with vintage virtues combined with modern construction and state-of-the-art electronics. It is an old school meets new school bass, and one of the finest and most unique instruments you can own.


• Neck-thru design

• 5-piece ovangkol neck

• Solid bubinga body with tone chambers that enhance tone and reduce weight

• Body capped with AAAA bubinga pommelé with a layer of black veneer sandwiched between body and cap

• Ebony fingerboard with Cream Reunion mother-of-pearl inlay at the 12th fret

• LED position marker lighting system

• 2 special-design MEC humbuckers

• Special-design MEC active preamp system with 3-band EQ

• Each bass is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Jack Bruce

Celebrate Jack Bruce's artistry, the historic renunion of Cream, and enjoy one of the finest basses ever produced. 

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