Tony Zemaitis, Metal Front Guitar, 1972 - Martin Quittenton


Tony Zemaitis
Metal Front Guitar
The Story Behind

Taking the basic design of the Gibson Les Paul, the english guitar maker Tony Zemaitis (Antanas Kazimeras Žemaitis) was seeking to improve and innovate. His original concept for the Zemaitis Metal Front was to shield the guitar and reduce the hum found in many mainstream guitars. The first Zemaitis Metal Front guitar was made in the late 60s for Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs.

The unique design of the Zemaitis Metal Front reduces not only humming and noise but gives also the guitar a truly unique tone. Moreover Tony asked Danny O'Brien to hand-engrave the Metal Front to make these guitars stunning works of art!

This is an extremely early metal front, believed to be metal front #4, the fourth metal front made by Tony Zemaitis following Tony McPhee, Marc Bolan & Ronnie Wood.

Ordered new in 1971 by Martin Quittenton, who worked alongside Rod Stewart and co-wrote 'Maggie May' and 'You Wear it Well', the guitar has a classical guitar width fingerboard. Given that this guitar is a 1971 design and as with all early 70's metal fronts it has been engraved by Danny O'Brien. Danny recalls that Martin requested to keep the engraving to a minimum in order to keep the price of the guitar down. This is also still one of the early ones marked as built in London. Later this was changed to England.

The back of the guitar has been refinished, as well as the back of the neck and headstock. It has also had a recent refret making this guitar nearly look as new from the guitar workshop.

It is in a fantastic playing condition with low action and a great sound.

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