Tony Zemaitis, Metal Front, 1973 - Gary Grainger / Richie Sambora


Tony Zemaitis
Metal Front
The Story Behind

Another variation of the english guitar maker Tony Zemaitis (Antanas Kazimeras Žemaitis). He applied in this case this treatment to a combined Fender and Gibson design. It has the double cut shape like a Fender Stratocaster with a pick-up layout which is more of the Gibson Les Paul. 

This is another extremely early metal front made by Tony Zemaitis following Tony McPhee, Marc Bolan & Ronnie Wood guitars. This was built when he moved outside London.

This Metal Top Zemaitis guitar was originally made for Gary Grainger in 1973. Gary used this guitar in the Rod Stewart band and his solo project Strider, where he can be seen playing the guitar. 

Moving on, the guitar was purchased by Heather Locklear and given to Richie Sambora as a gift. Richie has used the guitar extensively on Bon Jovi gigs, recordings & TV.

The guitar is extremely rare in its own right, being a double cut metal front means it is one of only three or four worldwide. The guitar is signed on the back by Richie, it is also signed on the rear of the headstock by Ronnie Wood complete with caricature.


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