Tony Zemaitis, Electric Guitar, 1969 - Ronnie Lane, used by Ronnie Wood


Tony Zemaitis
Electric Guitar
Bill Laurence pickups
The Story Behind

This is one of the first electric guitars made by Tony Zemaitis. Gary Grainger (Strider and Rod Stewart Band), had a very similar instrument from 1969. He thinks Tony only made two like this. This guitar was built for Ronnie Lane in 1969. Although it was made for Ronnie Lane, it was Ronnie Wood who used it live in The Faces for slide work. This can be seen in a video of the Faces performance at the 100 Club in 1970. The guitar can also been seen in a The Faces - Documentary interview from 1970, where it is played by Ron Wood in Ronnie Lane’s apartment.

The guitar in itself has a carved top and has been chambered. The guitar has Bill Laurence pickups. As usual with Tony’s guitars there are engravings done by Danny O’Brian. During Ronnie Lane's ownership the headstock snapped off. It was replaced by Jimmy Page’s guitar tech. Another interesting feature can be found on the back of the guitar. Tony never made any bolt on neck guitar, so don't be fooled by the "faux" neck plate. Woody's Zemaitis Disc front and Ronnie Lane's big black Zemaitis bass also have these. This is only there for decoration purposes and was done for some custom clients.

Ronnie Lane had the guitar until the 1980’s and then gave it to the son of his partner at that time.

The Faces - Documentary interview from 1970 where the guitar can be seen in the jam sesion at Ronnie Lane's appartment:

The Faces performance at the 100 Club in 1970 where the guitar is played by Ron Wood:

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