Tom Holmes (THC), Cadillac Flash I, 1979


Tom Holmes (THC)
Cadillac Flash I
Orange transparent
Curly maple
Neck, Ibanez humbucker, 1970's; bridge Jackson Model 3-A
The Story Behind


About the Maker:

Tom Holmes built custom hand-made guitars for Bo Diddley, Lenny Breau, Billy Gibbons, Albert King and many others. Even if he started first building guitars, he is today a legend for  PAF-style hum-bucking pickups, which he builds in his shop in Joelton, TN. It is agreed that Tom's TH450 PAF repro's are the most authentic anywhere and that they are absolutely the closest thing available to those old 59 Les Paul pickups.

About the guitar:

FLASH are actually the names given to the guitar by Billy Gibbons and to Tom by Billy.

The shape of the body was a "Cadillac Fin" so that was the Cadillac part of the name. Then the "Flash" part was off the cuff. So, tongue in cheek, Billy did autograph the guitars to the guitars themselves and to Tom thereby giving them a persona.

The Flash I was hand-made in 1979 by Tom Holmes as designed by Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP.   Billy signed the guitar and drew the art before the guitar was sprayed with its final finish coat therefore it is protected.  It reads "To Flash from Billy Gibbons, ZZ TOP".  The guitar was used for stage playing for a few years but shows very little wear.  Seven months after the guitar was purchased from Tom Holmes, it fell off its guitar stand and suffered some neck damage.  It was sent back to Tom Holmes for repair.  The back of the headstock was painted black to cover the repair site.  This repair is completely solid and was done by the original builder, Tom Holmes.

  • Body:  Double cut solid Alder
  • Top:  Curly maple
  • Finish: Orange transparent nitro lacquer
  • Neck:  Set maple 3 pieces (has been professionally repaired by Tom Holmes)
  • Pickups: Neck, Ibanez humbucker, 1970's; bridge Jackson Model 3-A
  • Frets:  Medium
  • Fretboard:  Ebony
  • Tuners:  Grover

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