Teuffel, Tesla, 2006 - Cameron Morgan


Birds Eye Maple
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

Ulrich Teuffel founded his company, in Germany, on June 1st 1988, and since is spending his time building electric guitars and basses. In those years he designed his first guitar series "Dr. Mabuse" and the bass line "JFK" which was based on traditional example: glued-in necks, Mahogany, flamed maple, quilted, brazilian rosewood, pickups, tuners, vibrato from wholesale suppliers, glossy finish - the usual things. 

Ulrich Teuffel  went on to study of industrial design from 1992 until 1996. 

From his design study he learned to look at his guitar work from the distance. At the end he resumed work on a new line of guitars structuring it with themes and concepts and came back with the birdfish guitar. Two years later he created the coco series, then the tesla series and late 2007 the niwa. 

Ulrich Teuffel offers one of the most distinctive looks for the guitars with high level of technical innovation to create a large range of sounds.

After he presented the tesla guitar for the first time at the 2000 NAMM show, his first customers included Henry Kaiser and David Torn, arguably the most experimental guitarists of our time. 

In the meantime has developed the Tesla further and there are now two new versions: a version with three pickups, as well as a MIDI version. He has also built a few custom versions, such as an 8-string Tesla with a 30 inch scale.

More information on Ulrich Teuffel: http://www.teuffel.com/index.htm

About the Guitar:

This particular Tesla is the only one built that incorporates all 3 Tesla guitars; Studio, Midi, and Classic into one! This is the only Tesla that Ulrich Teuffel has or will build that does what this guitar does.

It was custom build for Cameron Morgan after he discovered the guitars of Ulrich Teuffel at the 2005/6 NAMM show. A special set of pick-up has been fiited to this guitar to enable the different opration modes.

More on Cameron Morgan: http://cameronmorgan.com/

Here are a some videos of this guitar in action:

2007 - trio improvisation


2009 - working the trio buttons


2011 - go to 4:00 mark for solo



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