Terry Rogers, The Nuge Prototype, 2005 - Zakk Wylde


Terry Rogers
The Nuge Prototype
Serial Number: 
Prototype 01
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

Terry Rogers is a well known guitarist and custom guitar maker, in the rock music industry. Today he operates a guitar shop in Jamestown, Tennessee and he had two own lines of guitar, the Mallie and the Lisa, built by John Suhr.

For more information: http://activerain.com/blogsview/1181980/terry-roger-s-custom-guitars-in-jamestown-tennessee

About the Guitar:

This is a guitar for tall guys. It's a super large Les Paul shaped guitar and which was initially designed for Ted Nugent, hence the name 'Nuge'. Ted is a tall guy and on him most of the electric guitars look ridiculous small when he plays them. Fortunately his Gibson Birdlands are of a larger shape.

While Terry was finishing the guitar, Zakk Wylde, also a tall guy, spotted the guitar and took it for himself.

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