Ted Newman-Jones, 5-String Bass Guitar, 1980 - Alan Moe Monsarrat


Ted Newman-Jones
5-String Bass Guitar
Birdseye Maple
Purple Heart
Birdseye Maple
Birdseye Maple
Bartolini PJ pickups
The Story Behind

Ted Newman-Jones, guitar tech for Keith Richard in the 1970's, was famous for his guitar building and designs. What is not so much known is that he adapted his design also to bass guitars. Here is a nice example of his craftsmanship. The bass was custom made for Alan Moe Monsarrat, musician and bass player. Moe joined the Texas music scene, when his parents came back from Japan, singing and playing in a myriad of bands. He has been at it ever since then, pretty much nonstop, writing, singing, and playing five-string bass. He was a founding member of The Lotions, the first reggae band in Texas. As well as performing in Stop the Truck, Moe also fronts The Mau-Mau Chaplains, Austin's premier reggae outfit. 

Here is what Alan Moe Monsarrat said about the bass:

We have here the only Newman Jones Single-cut 5 string bass ever made. This bass was originally made for me in 1980 by luthier Ted Newman-Jones. Newman was The Rolling Stones guitar tech & luthier for many years & also made guitars for many other famous players...Bob Dylan, Joe Ely, Jessie Taylor, Willie & many more. He made the 5 string SC guitars you see Keith playing in photos. 

It was very heavy with the body being of solid purple heart so I had another luthier...Newman Remzel (coincidence) chamber it , refinish it & build a new neck. The top & neck are outrageous birds-eye maple. I doubt if you can find a prettier piece. We looked thru tons & we couldn't. Weight is 9.8lbs, 34" scale, passive Bartolini PJ pickups. Gotoh bridge, Sperzel tuners. Controls are Vol/vol/tone. Just refinished so there are no dings. It's a wee bit neck heavy so I was thinking of adding an active preamp but haven't gotten to it. It's a beautiful bass and a great player.....one of a kind.

I realize that nobody has heard of a Ted Newman Jones bass. This is one of maybe 4 he made & this is the only 5 string. He made mostly guitars & only for high profile players. Keith Richards has a few, Woody, Mick Jagger, Dylan, Willie Nelson, Jessie Taylor & Johnny Reverb are all clients. Ted was a housemate of mine for a few years. Unfortunately, he has been a guest of the state of Texas for quite a while. This bass sounds great with the Barts & is quite a players bass. You'll like it!

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