Supro, Tremolectric – 50W 3*10” - Ted Turner (Wishbone Ash)


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The Supro Tremolectric™ is aa all-tube, 50 Watt, 3x10” AlNiCo magnet speaker combo with reverb and tremolo. This is the premier amplifier for classic Americana music - Jazz, Rock-a-billy, Blues, Country, and Rock & Roll. Tremolectric offers undulating tube tremolo, 3-knob tube reverb, incredible versatility and sound control. Two channels: Clean & Dirty (either channel can be clean or dirty) for smooth, big tone at any volume. Low impedance, low level, tube-driven effects loop works well with any effect.
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About the Maker:

Since 1983, Bruce Zinky has been developing custom tube amplifiers for discerning musicians. Two custom amplifiers built for guitarist Robbin Ford got the attention of Fender Musicial Instruments, who hired Zinky in August of 1992 to head the "Fender Amplifier Custom Shop" in Scottsdale, AZ. This involved designing and developing amplifiers to suit top tier guitarist and other professional musicians with amplifiers optimally suited for stage and studio use, but invoking the look of classic products from Fender's heyday with traditional tube construction with increased performance. From August 1992 to August 1996, Zinky designed or contributed a substantial amount to the Vibro-King, Tone-Master, Dual Professional, Pro-Jr, Concert / Super (1994), Rumble Bass, Custom Vibrolux, Custom Vibrosonic, Prosonic, and '46 Pro (A limited to 50 pieces meticulous reproduction of the 1946 Fender "Professional" Amplifier).

After Fender, Zinky resumed development of an amplifier he first produced while in high school - the Smokey Amp, a minature guitar amplifier built into an empy cigarette pack. Since resuming production in 1997, over 250,000 have been sold, making currently the single most popular model guitar amplifier. Smokey amplifiers have been used on records and live shows by artists including Korn, Olivia Newton-John, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Deftones, Supultura, REM, The Offspring, Byzantine and countless others.

Zinky revived Supro (a 1960's trademark) guitars and amplifiers in 2004.

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About the Amp:

Zinky Supro custom amp, limited edition numbered 010.  Ted purchased it directly from Bruce Zinky who build it as he truly loved the sound. It s the same type of amp that Jimmy Page used on the 1st Led Zeppelin album.

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