Schon, single cutaway, 1986 – custom build by Leo Knapp for Neal Schon


Single cutaway
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

During the 80's Journey guitarist Neal Schon decided to produce a guitar line. The most famous model is a single cutaway that was seen in the later Journey and Bad English era. To produce his guitars Neal enlisted the help of Grover Jackson who was already involved in building guitars for him personally.

Those models were made by the Jackson guitar company in 1986 and it’s estimated that about 200 were made. When disagreements between Schon and Jackson caused him to move on, Neal turned to Canadian guitar maker Larrivee. Schon's design was inspired by sports cars and in particular, the tailpiece of the single cut guitar version was a tribute to Ferrari (and was named Ferrari Tails).

About the Guitar:

This guitar is one of the earlier models, hand built by Leo Knapp, and was in the guitar collection of Neal Schon. Neal's guitar collection, as well as this guitar can be seen in the guitar magazine Guitar Shop, June 1995.

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