Roberts, Roto Neck 12, 1992 - Mark Slaughter


Roto Neck 12
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

Curt Roberts and Lou Bonkowski developed the Roto Neck guitars in the late '70. The very first line style of Roto Neck, built in '91, had no body and was build in a very limited quantity (see TYS collection). The other versions have a body with the neck swiveling in a pocket. 

If in the beginning the Roto Neck was used to change the string configuration, Lou Bonkowski developed a playing technique to use the two sides of the neck simultaneously.

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About the Guitar:

This Roberts Roto Neck 12 (6/12) was owned by Mark Slaughter. Mark, even if he is more known as the singer of the band Slaughter, is one of those innovative musician who is willing to experiment with new things. He is a gifted guitar player and experimented with a lot of odd guitar concepts.

Even if quite difficult to play, this innovative yet strange looking guitar will probably  take it's place among other eccentric guitars such as Gittler, Bond, Chrysalis, Mellobar, Bunker & Travis Bean.

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