Reverend, Black Cat, 1997


Black Cat
Serial Number: 
Jet Black
Laminated Phenolic
Injection molded polymer rim with white mahogany center block
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

Reverend Guitars is the brainchild of Joe Naylor. Joe's decades of formal training and hands-on experience along with his small, highly skilled staff insures that Reverend delivers the goods.

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About the Guitar:

Reverend Black Cats were listed in the Catalog briefly between 1997 to March of 1998 and appears to have represented the stripped down or entry level guitar in the Reverend line. By the time the Reverend Catalog was being distributed at NAMM in 1998 however, it no longer included the Black Cat.

The archives show that 33 Black Cats were made in total, though four of these were made after they were deleted from the catalog (1 in 2002, 1 in 2004, and 2 in Feb of 2006) which were probably "special ordered" by someone in the know.

Features of the Black Cat were; no amrest, single ply pickguard, a rosewood fretboard, an uncovered humbucker in the bridge and a single coil at the neck, no tone control, a single volume control, and a 3 way selector switch. All but one (TEAL) came in the black phenolic Reflecto-Hyde finish.

In the beginning, Reverend made the guitar bodies in house, but outsoruced necks and pickups. Early Reverend "Made in USA" necks came from a variety of sources, including All-Parts and Mighty Mite. Eventually, Reverend would have pickups made to their specifications overseas, but initially, the early pups were Kent Armstrong models. In the case of the Black Cat, they were a Kent Armstrong MP-112 strat style neck pickup, and a Kent Armstrong M214 Humbucker in the bridge.

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