Pawar, Epic 20 NAMM Prototype, 2003 (different models)


Epic 20 NAMM Prototype (s)
Serial Number: 
Proto 01 + Proto 05
Black Sparkle / Orange Sunburst
The Story Behind


About the Maker:

 Jay Pawar built custom hand-made guitars. The Pavar Turn of the Century was the flagship model of Pawar and has a hand carved scroll in the upper bout of the maple top which creates a very recognisable design and which is unique to each guitar. Pawar came also up with Pawar Positive Tone System to generate with one switch and two Seymour Duncan Custom shop pickups, twenty tones to give you the best of the Fender/Gibson tones for one, all purpose guitar. Unfortunately Pawar has stopped producing their excellent guitars.

About the Guitar(s):

 Pawar Guitars released a new guitar model, the Epic 20 at the NAMM 2003. This is the second model offering from Pawar Guitars, and their first since the release of their flagship model the "Turn of the Century."The Epic 20 features Pawar's patented electronics system, the Pawar Positive Tone System.

"It is not just about having 20 different single coil and humbucking tones," says Pawar, "It is about quality. It is continually proven to us that there is large market of guitar players that will pay for American hand-made quality. Hopefully the versatility will get your attention, but it is the uncompromising attention to detail and the quality of each of those tones that sets this guitar apart."

 The Epic 20 also features Pawar's new Comfort Neck. "We've been doing consumer guitar shows for the past 2 years and have sought the input of literally thousands of guitar players into this guitar,"says Jay Pawar. "While I don't think you can please everyone, you've spoken, we've listened."

"This guitar is hand made in America, has a hand picked flametop, a set neck, a hard shell case, and 20 classic guitar tones at a flip of a switch, all for under $2,000 street price," says Pawar.


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