Pavel, TZACK Fretless Artist Series Randy Coven Model, 2002 - Randy Coven


TZACK Fretless Artist Series Randy Coven Model
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The Story Behind


About the Builder:

Pavel de la Fuente's vision is clear and simple: To provide the very best handmade instruments a musician can have. This is attained by combining the “Old World Tradition” for the best construction methods available today and the endless quest for optimal tone in every instrument we make. These ideas coupled with attention to detail in tone, ergonomics and aesthetics, will help you become not just a better musician but the very best musician you can be.

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About the Guitar:

Influenced by Pavel's admiration for the work of friends at Alembic and at the request many great players, he came up with this design which has a slight offset alignment on the upper horn for better balance and a 32” scale 24 fret neck. 

This beautiful fretless bass was owned by Randy Coven. Randy has a rather large collection of vintage, and custom one of a kind basses. He felt it was time to thin out his collection a bit, and sold this one of a kind Pavel Bass, designed by Randy, and made exclusively for him. It has two custom wound single / double coil pickups. Each pickup has a push / pull volume control knob, that allows you to choose between single, or double coil sound. Also has one tone knob to adjust tone in both pickups. The 12th fret has Coven pearl inlay. It is also hand signed by Pavel, with a personal note to Randy on the back of the headstock. The volume knob for the rear pickup was making a bit of noise, so Randy had it professionally replaced. 

A beautiful fretless bass guitar with a great sound!


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