Patrick James Eggle, Discus 6 String Blonde, 2003- Brian Ray


Patrick James Eggle
Discus 6 String
Serial Number: 
Brazilian Rosewood
The Story Behind

In 2000 Patrick James Eggle began a collaboration with Michael Stockwell to market a range of jazz guitars under the name PATRICK JAMES EGGLE and a total of fifty guitars were built. During the same period twenty PATRICK JAMES EGGLE “DISCUS” electric guitars were built. An article on the Discus appeared in the Guitarist magazine April 2003. 

Patrick James Eggle made the Discus guitar as a tribute to Tony Zemaitis. The guitar features engraving by Danny O'Brien on all of the metal parts. The artwork was designed by John Goode of Marvell comics. The pick ups were made by Jim Rolph. The instruments have been inspired by the Zemaitis Disc front. Patrick build all those guitars in his U.K. workshop.

He moved to the USA in 2003 during which time he continued to build and sell a range of guitars under his name PATRICK JAMES EGGLE, in particular a range of acoustic guitars.

This guitar was used by Brian Ray. Brian has two Patrick Eggle Discus guitars.

Supplied new to Bryan Ray of the Paul McCartney band in 2003, the guitar was featured in the DVD “Paul McCartney Live at Red Square” quite remarkably. Bryan used the guitar specifically for “Back in The USSR”. The guitar was used throughout the entire world tour.

The guitar features a chambered construction so the guitar is very light, translucent blonde finish and all engraving is by Danny O’Brien, two very high output hand wound pickups, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and headstock overlay, a stunning guitar and one of the very last Discus guitars that was hand built by Patrick.

Native Californian Brian Ray’s is among others the co-writer of Smokey Robinson’s song “One Heartbeat” and admired for his energetic stage presence and unparalleled guitar playing as a key member of Paul McCartney’s current band. Brian is irrefutably ranked among today’s top musicians. His latest project is his first solo album entitled Mondo Magneto.

In the Red Square video of Paul McCartney's 2003 tour you can spot the guitar. It was used for the song "Back in The USSR":

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