Patrick Eggle, Berlin Pro DLX, 1993


Patrick Eggle
Berlin Pro DLX
Serial Number: 
BDL 3-93 1613
A4 Maple
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

The comprehensive range of Patrick Eggle Guitars began modestly with a design based upon one of Patrick's early (pre-PEG) models, the Climaxe — this new model was named Berlin. The Berlin was made available in various configurations beginning with a basic model, the Berlin Standard, then the higher specification Berlin Plus, followed by the Berlin Pro, Berlin DLX and Berlin JS Legend models. Later years saw the addition of other models in the range like the Berlin Stage, Berlin USA Celebration, Berlin Vintage Classic, Berlin Anniversary, Berlin Wall and Berlin EVO.

The Berlin Standard, though basic in terms of trim, finish and hardware appointments, was a very sophisticated guitar constructed using Brazilian Mahogany for the back and a beautifully contoured Maple top, with a glued-in neck construction sporting a distinctive headstock shape — build quality was amongst the very finest available anywhere in terms of production-made electric guitars. Therefore, these guitars were not cheap ...

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About the Guitar:

This is a Deluxe version of the Berlin line. As the Deluxe is all maple it will have a different tonal character than the Pro or Standard. Some may say this results in a "thin" sound but we would say it is simply brighter with a differing attack and sustain. 

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