Mark Johnson (MJ Guitar Engineering), Mirage I, 2002, custom build for Taylor Barefoot (The Halogens)


Mark Johnson (MJ Guitar Engineering)
Flamed Birds Eye Maple
Flamed Maple
Seymour Duncan Custom / '59 Neck PUP. Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Bridge PUP. Vintage Rail Center PUP.
The Story Behind


About the Maker:

MJ Guitar Engineering is located in Belgrade, MT about 90 miles north of beautiful Yellowstone Park. Owner and founder Mark Johnson has been building guitars for over 25 years. During that time he hoped that one day he would be able to design his dream guitar, later to become known as the Mirage. In late 1993 he built the first Mirage prototype. The goal was to create a guitar that was completely unique, from the headstock down to the contours of it's body. After all the bugs were worked out the production process began on two models known as the Custom and Standard. Soon followed a third model the Classic in late 1995. Even after production began some minor changes were made which included adding two new models to the Mirage line, the Rally and GT in 1997.

About the Guitar:

Another amazing and almost perfect instrument handcrafted by the superb Luthier, Mark Johnson.

The MJ MIRAGE CUSTOM model guitar is  top of the line semi hollow electric guitar. It is all handmade and fit to insure the highest level of quality. The top is hand carved exotic hard wood laminated to a chambered body which reduces the MJ MIRAGE CUSTOM overall weight and enhances the rich tonal quality even when it is played acoustically.

It is stunning, perfect, visually and mechanically perfect and typical of Mirages. Look at the gorgeous birds eye neck, the sculptured cuts and the innovative headstock.

The Mirage Custom is for true LP players delivering a crisp, perfect sustain, offers bite and tone or super fine smooth jazz when you want it.

This guitar was custom made for Taylor Barefoot, guitarist from the late great band, "The Halogens".

MJ Mirage Custom Specifications:

25 1/2" scale length - 22 frets (Dunlop 6150 med. - jumbo).
Width at the nut - 1 11/16".
Body width (thickest point) - 1 3/4".
Body width (widest point) - 12 1/2".
Overall length - 37 1/2".
Average weight complete - 7.5 lbs.
Semi Hollow ALDER Body.
GLUED IN Flamed Birds Eye Maple Neck.
Flamed Maple Fretboard.
Gold Hardware.
Seymour Duncan Custom / '59 Neck PUP.
Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Bridge PUP.
Vintage Rail Center PUP.
2 Volume, 1 Tone knob - 3 position toggle switch.
Push-pull Tap Kill Switch.
WILKINSON Tremelo system.
Gibson Knobs (vintage NOS).
Locking Tuners.
24 Frets.

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