Krank, One-off Special Head made for Jeff Kollman, 2003


One-off Special Head made for Jeff Kollman
The Story Behind


About the Amp:

Krank Amplifiers was started in 1996 in Tempe AZ by Tony Krank.

After several years of local success in the PHX area TK took on the first investor partner in 2003. The first set of managing partners had no real hands on experience in running business let alone the instrument business. After a year of poor management and racking up a huge debt the managing partners brought in an investor with deeper pockets.

The new partner took complete control of the company and its direction in 2004 and put up capitol to bring the company out of the red and ordered materials for manufacturing.

With the Rev, Dimebag and Jr amp lines the company gained popularity for several years.

Unfortunately poor management caught up with Krank again and saw the main core crew of the company (Tonykrank, Pat Flanagan, Alan Chadwick and more) jump the sinking ship.

The company finally closed its doors in mid 2013.

This Krank amp is a one off amp specially built for Jeff Kollman.

Here the description of the amp by Jeff:

Hand wired by Tony Dow who is the originator of Krank. He has never made another just like it. It's nothing like the production models that are out on the market. This is a mean and versatile amp head with thick bottom end if needed and a very active eq circuit. It's very high gain Marshall sounding but can clean up with bell like tones. Single channel with Tube buffered ex loop that's foot switchable. Voiced for guitarist Jeff Kollman.

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