Kramer, Focus Classic, 1983


Focus Classic
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About the Guitar:

In 1983, Kramer introduced the Japanese made Focus series. The Focus line was designed to be a cheaper alternative to the USA Models that Kramer was producing at the time. Most had original single or double-locking Floyd Rose systems and solid wood bodies. Tuners, pickups and electronics were of a cheaper variety than the USA Kramers. Also, there are subtle body differences that separate the Focuses from the USAs.Pickups on the earlier ones were Japanese made of an unknown type. Later, they were replaced by cheaper Duncans.

The Focus series were modeled copies of the Pacer, Baretta, Vanguard and Voyager series. Models produced were the 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and the 7000(bass)and the Focus Classics I, II and III.

The Classic I took over where the early Focus 4000 left off. It had 3 singles on a pickguard with a Strat shaped body. It also sported the Classic style head and a Floyd Rose.

This Kramer Focus has been signed by the late Randy California.

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