Kawai, MS-700 MoonSault, 1988 - Frank Hannon (Tesla)


MS-700 MoonSault
Gotoh Humbuckers
The Story Behind

Vintage Magazine describes this guitar as:

This is a great-playing, comfortable guitar, extremely well-made, with premium materials. Standing, it gives you a great image, and if you like to play sitting down, the moon shape cradles nicely in your lap. The body and set-in neck are made of mahogany. The ebony fingerboard is bound, and has abalone inlays that track the phases of the moon. The tuners and pickups appear to be Gotohs, which by this time were pretty fine. Gotoh humbuckers tend to be hot and crisp, as are these, very reminiscent of DiMarzios. Like many other Japanese guitars of this time, the electronics are designed to give you a great deal of tonal flexibility. The guitar has a master volume with individual tone controls for each pickup. Each tone pot is push/pull, yielding coil tapping on one and phase reversal on the other. The wide fine-tune bridge was very popular in the early ’80s, and provides easy, stable intonation.

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This guitar was sold to Frank Hannon from Tesla by the Kawai Custum Shop when he was on tour in Japan in 1988. The special feature of this guitar is the build-in Fuzzbox which gives this guitar a unique tone we love at TuneYourSound.com. Frank used this guitar when touring with Tesla troughout the '90.

Frank Hannon in an interview with All Access Magazine abouth the guitar:

AAM- One last equipment question, where did you get the Kawai Moonsault guitar, and do you still have it?

F-Wow! Yeah, I do still have it. I had a friend who owned a yellow one and I got to play it so when Tesla performed in Tokyo in ’89 I found one and I still have it till this day.

Read morehttp://www.allaccessmagazine.com/vol6/issue12/tesla.html

A roaring gem!

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