Jimi Hendrix
Hand Drawn Sketches
The Story Behind

Bob and Kathy Levine, Hendrix's publicity agents in the U.S., say that Jimi carried sketchpads and art boards with him and was often seen drawing his vivid images. Some of the paintings appear to have begun as small doodles which he developed into intricate highly involved images. Those familiar with his method of painting say Hendrix worked with 5 or 6 watercolour pens held between the fingers of his right hand as his other hand deftly created the amazingly intricate designs.

Two original drawings by Jimi Hendrix are presented here with a letter of authenticity from Noel Redding. The original colourful drawings were done by Jimi Hendrix on 8 x 10 sheets of paper with various colour markers. They were given to Noel Redding by Jimi Hendrix whilst they were on tour in the U.S.A. in 1968. The elaborate multicoloured designs reflect the creative and imaginative mind of one Rock's true legends. Accompanied by the original, signed letter written by Noel explaining when, where and how they were obtained and each drawing is titled: one is a Self Portrait of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the second is titled Psychedelic Guitars.

The self portrait is a psychedelic 'stained galls' effect pen, ink & pencil drawing done by Jimi in 1968 depicting The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Noel, Mitch & Jimi himself. Originally sold from Noel Redding's collection of mementos from those years (he has signed on the reverse confirming its provenance) this is a truly amazing and personal Hendrix collectable.

The Psychedelic Guitars is a felt tip/magic marker drawing by Jimi when he was in London at the height of the Experience trio success in the late 1960's. Featuring a psychedelic blend of guitars merged with plants and flowers the picture includes Jimi's signature. The provenance of the item has been provided by Noel Redding the original owner and the band's tour manager - both of whom have signed the reverse of the picture.


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