Jet, Earlewood, 2008 - Custom made for Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings)


Earlewood, Custom made for Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings)
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About the Builder:

Jeffrey Earle T. is another fine luthier from North Carolina (as is our friend Terry McInturff).

He has always been interested in building electric guitars. He was screwing down used guitar strings on wood scraps & amplifying them with old tape heads as a kid before he even learned to play. Although he didn’t start out with a career in this field, he spent a long time constantly on the watch for an opportunity to make a living from his designs, innovations & craftsmanship. In 2000 he started doing it full-time as a single craftsman. He has set up an efficient system for a one-man shop, capable of producing 50 guitars per year. JET Guitars embody several bona-fide innovations. The often-copied Caribbean Burst color was first done on JET Guitars. The exclusive peak in the top joint adds more depth to the resonance, because it results in a much more complex sonic refraction pattern than the flat joint used by everyone else. A brass plate attached to the end of the fingerboard serves as the 24th fret. This keeps the neck pickup in the same position as it would be on a 22-fret guitar, while providing 24 playable frets. The output jackplate is recessed into an angled bevel and points upward, so JET players never have to hook their cable over the strap button. Direct mounted pickups are trimmed with exotic hardwood, instead of leaving the pickup tab holes showing as is done so frequently.

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About this Guitar:

This guitar was custom ordered by Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings. It is the first JET to feature the ultra-sophisticated Skyway tremolo bridge - (there are only 3 Skyway equipped JET's in existence). Unfortunately, Roine stipulated a piezo system and the piezo saddles are still under development. When it became clear that missed deadlines were becoming too routine, a second JET was started using a Hipshot bridge equipped with Graph Tech saddles. The original which is with TYS is completely functional except there is no piezo. However it is ready for a drop-in retrofit when it becomes available, all the wiring is already done. The "magnetic" circuit features a unique wiring scheme to provide virtually any tone from the out-of-phase pickups. The controls are Master Volume, Blend, 15-position Tone Styler, and Piezo Volume (not connected). Switches are Piezo/Mag (upper bout), Bridge Pickup Blow, and (2) 3 position pickup coil switches that give series, parallel or single coil. This guitar is currently strung 049-011 and tuned down 1 wholestep, but it can set it up differently. The only other personal touch is "RS" inlaid at the 12th fret.  The rather unflattering picture of Roine shows both guitars on the day they were exchanged.

This guitar was in Roine's possession for about two months. 

Roine Stolt about his Jet guitar:

"Your guitar is a wonderful piece of art...I think and hope that the JET will be my main guitar from now...Jeffrey, thanx again for the guitar, it IS fabulous."

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