Jarrett Guitars, Christopher Robin Signature prototype, 2009


Jarrett Guitars
Christopher Robin Signature prototype
Build Year: 
Red transparent
Flamed redwood
Black limba
Black limba
Lindy Fralin PAF/neck and Gibson P-90/bridge.
The Story Behind


About the Maker:

Jarrett Guitars began in 2002 when they conceived, designed, licensed and distributed the 40th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Commemorative Guitar series. The first thing They learned about guitar building is that tone is a very personal choice, and to a seasoned, experienced player, finding your personal tone simply hanging on the wall at the local guitar shop doesn't happen very often.Their moto is: 'Great tone is what YOU decide it is, not what the big guitar companies determine it is. Tone is so much more than just a set of pickups or a different gauge of strings that makes the difference. Its the combination of woods, the body thickness, whether its hollow, semi hollow, solid or chambered, the electronics and the talent to put it all together. The neck carve has to feel comfortable in your hands, and your fingers need to dance effortlessly across the fingerboard. When all of those elements come together, you've found the right guitar for you.'

About the guitar:

This is the very first prototype signature guitar made for Christopher Robin in 2009. He is also the first endorsee of Jarrett Guitars. The guitar was designed in collaboration with Christopher.

The original neck pick-up is a Lindy Fralin PAF. Christopher replaced it for a short time with a Gibson '59 in the bridge and that's why on certain pictures you see Zebra and in others black bobbins. The guitar is now again equipped with Fralin's pick-ups.

For the particulars, this amazing guitar includes these features:

  • Body:  one piece solid black limba and neck
  • Top:  Flamed redwood.
  • Finish: Red
  • Neck:  black limba
  • Pickups: Lindy Fralin PAF/neck and Gibson P-90/bridge. 
  • Frets:  block inlays with Christopher's initial laid in
  • Tuners:  Schaller

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