Hugh Manson, Electric guitar, 1981


Hugh Manson
Electric guitar
Serial Number: 
EMG humbuckers
The Story Behind


About the Maker:

Englands premier custom guitar maker...

Hugh Manson has been making custom guitars for over 30 years. A craftsman and perfectionist Hugh combines technology with inspiring materials to create unique instruments for musicians around the world such as John Paul Jones.

All guitars are individually commissioned and hand made by Hugh Manson.

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About the Guitar:

It's an early Hugh Manson made on September 9, 1981 and was build on demand. Rumours tell us that it was used by one of the guitar players with Eric Burdon but no evidence of that came to us.

What we know is that he original pick ups were Kent Armstrong and the previous owner had Hugh Manson replace them with EMG 81/85s with a kinda coil tap for active pickups.  The guitar was stolen in 1995 and recovered by the previous owner from a pawn shop in Plymouth, UK.  That would explain the repairs to the lower rear of the body. 

Whatsoever, it is a great playing and sounding instrument by a first class luthier.

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