Heritage, Les Paul - TransPerformance self tuning, 1992 – Mark Slaughter


Les Paul with TransPerformance self tuning
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Hammer of God
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

The guitar in itself is a Heritage Les Paul model which was transformed by TransPerformance to incorporate a self tuning device.

How the PerformerWorks: The Performeris a calibrated system.  This simply means that the effects of string stretch, neck warp, neck twist, temperature and humidity are mathematically characterized in equations that are stored in the computer’s memory.  Each guitar is calibrated during final assembly and each guitar holds a unique calibration.  These characteristic equations provide a map for the system to follow when tuning changes are requested.  The calibration method gives the Performer the ability to move from one tuning to the next without sensing frequency or tension. 

What is the Performer automatic tuning system? The Performer is a computerized mechanical tuning system that adjusts the tensions of the strings, making it possible to keep your guitar in tune and change tuning while you play. It only adjusts string tension; nothing in the system comes between you and your amplifier.

The Performer is comprised of the following components: Computer, Mechanical, LCD, Push Buttons, Roller Bridge, String Lock and Power Supply.  

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About the Guitar:

This guitar was specially commissioned by Mark Slaughter, with TransPerformance self tuning and a special painting for the top of the guitar: Hammer of God, by Dachel.

Mark Slaughter  about his guitar with TransPerformance self tuning:

"Just picking up the guitar, immense ideas come flowing and pouring out." Mark Slaughter, Slaughter

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