Harper, Kronos guitar, 2000 – custom build for Eric Bloom (Blue Öyster Cult)


The Story Behind


About the Builder:


John C. Harper is an american luthier. His philosophy on guitar building starts with the wood, high quality woods yield a high quality instrument. Tonally and aesthetically.
 Listening to the style and needs of the player are what count. he is building the instruments completely in my shop, body, neck etc.. 
This is the only way he considers to be able to truly control the quality and get the tonal characteristics an artist is looking to achieve.

He has made guitars for Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult) four of which are on display in Hard Rock Cafe establishments around the world, they include Moscow - San Juan- Destin, FL - New York. I also made guitars for Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult), Danny Miranda (Formerly Blue Oyster Cult, now touring with Queen), Allen Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult), Sammy Hagar, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tommy Ganci (Berkley School of Music and studio musician), Marty Lucas (Muscle, Frankly Scarlet), JED, plus numerous other professional and amateur musicians.

More on J.C. Harper: http://www.jchluthier.com/index.html

About the Guitar:

This guitar was inspired from the first logo shaped guitar handmade for Eric Bloom in the late 70's by Renaldo Classic, renowned New York area luthier. Renaldo has recently created a spare for Eric Bloom to use on stage. It's a modern replica of his original logo-shape guitar with modern EMG active pick-ups. He used it in Chicago for the "Long Day's Night" DVD filming. 

In 2000, J.C. Harper, inspired by Renaldo's original, made Eric Bloom this red BOC Logo-shaped guitar. While very nice to look at , it was an experiment, considering the shape. Eric Bloom found it hard to play because it was very light, no heft. On his own, John made a new one and presented it to Eric during the 2003 tour of the west coast. This is the basis of the actual logo guitar offered by J.C. Harper.

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