Gurian, S3B Acoustic guitar, 1970 - Arlen Roth


S3B Acoustic guitar
Serial Number: 
Brazilian Rosewood
The Story Behind


Abouth the Guitar:

Michael Gurian is an extraordinarily gifted guitar maker, best known for his New Hampshire-based workshops of the '60s, '70s, and early '80s. Today he manufactures and supplies guitar fittings, marquetry, and tools; imports wood; and acts as a consultant to the guitar and woodworking industry.

"During the early and mid-'60s, Gurian learned from luthiers Gene Clark, David Rubio, and Manuel Velazquez. He mastered the craft of classic guitar making and became a talented lutenist, lute maker, and builder of the Armenian oud. His operation was one of the first significant forerunner to many current American ateliers, including those of Mossman, Santa Cruz, and Collings.

"Gurian built his reputation among studio guitarists who liked fast, narrow necks and the punch of a long scale length Some of the celebrities who play Gurians are Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Paul Simon, who still treasures a custom wide-neck Size 3 Gurian made for him in the early '70s. Dogged by bad luck, a disastrous fire, and a major recession, Gurian Guitars, Ltd., closed up shop in West Swanzey, New Hampshire, during the '80s.

Aprox. 5000 Gurians were ever made according to the List below. And everyone I know who owns one is very possessive of it. As a result, Gurian guitars are very scarce on the market today. Any Gurian in good condition would be an excellent purchase for its typicall dynamics and tone."

Arlen Roth recorded with Paul Simon and had  the opportunity to discover Paul's Gurian. Inspired by the sound he got also such a guitar. This guitar dates back to 1970 and built in Grand Street, New York City. It is one of the few built in brazilian rosewood. Arlen used this guitar on Paul Simon's Capeman album, and his solo on Paul's song, "Trailways Bus."

The guitar has a small repaired crack on top (Arlen hit Lexie's leg) and a seam top crack, also repaired. Incredible sound and as rare as can be!

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