Gibson, Les Paul Dark Fire, 2008


Les Paul Dark Fire
Serial Number: 
DF 0949
Dark Fire
Burstbucker 3 in the bridge, P-90h in the neck, piezo bridge
The Story Behind


About the Guitar:

Here is what Gibson tell about the guitar:

Gibson’s Dark Fire is nothing less than the most versatile 6-string music-making machine on the planet, offering you an infinite number of tonal possibilities to let you change the tone of the instrument to suit your requirements. By using either of its purely analog or digital capabilities, or blending any proportion of the two, the adventurous guitarist can open up unlimited new horizons of creativity. The Dark Fire combines a pair of Gibson’s most popular pickups (a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge and a P-90h in the neck), a piezo bridge with individual pickups loaded into each string saddle for an acoustic-like tone, and direct-to-digital capabilities via the included Robot Interface Pack (RIP) breakout box for a truly unprecedented sonic potential. 

Using the guitar’s analog magnetic and piezo outputs alone, there are already more than 20 separate tonal combinations available through Dark Fire’s onboard control matrix and Master Control Knob. Send it direct to your computer via the RIP, and use the Guitar Rig 3 effect and amp simulating software and/or the Ableton Live 7 Gibson Studio Edition recording software that are both included, and the sky’s the limit. In addition to its sonic capabilities, Dark Fire revolutionizes your live performance by carrying the automatic-tuning facilities of Gibson’s pioneering Robot Guitar series. Turn the knob, and within seconds Dark Fire’s automated machine heads put you back into standard tuning, or any conceivable alternate, open, or original tuning you might desire. Add it all up, and the Dark Fire presents more powerful performance options than ever before seen in a single instrument. 

More information:

The guitar is available with the Robot interface pack.

The compact Robot Interface Pack (RIP) connects your guitar to Windows or Mac computers to realize the full potential of Gibson’s Chameleon Tone Technology. The RIP connects to your computer with a single FireWire cable, so there is no need to open up the computer, and you can easily move the RIP from desktop to laptop or any other computer. The computer gives you instant access to countless recording applications and software effects processors. Use these programs to record your latest ideas, access hundreds of different guitar effects and amplifiers, create backing tracks and much more.

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