Gibson, ES-125T, 1961 - Kat Dyson


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The Story Behind

Introduced in 1941 as the successor to the ES-100, the ES-125 was an entry-level archtop electric guitar. It had one P-90 single-coil pickup in the neck position, a single volume control and a single tone control. The pre-war model, discontinued in 1942, had a smaller 14.5" body. When reintroduced in 1946 it had the larger 16.25" wide body that the ES-150 had. The unbound rosewood fingerboard initially sported pearl trapezoid inlays; later, it would have dot inlays.

In the mid-1950s, the ES-125T was introduced, which was an entry-level thin-line arch-top electric guitar based on the original ES-125. It would later add options for double P-90 pickups and a sharp cutaway, referred to as a florentine cutaway, similar to the ES-175. Both the thin-line and the regular models would be discontinued by the 1970s.

This guitar was one of the vintage guitars guitarist Kat Dyson acquired. 

Kat in an interview for VG‘s July ’02 issue:

Are there any particular guitars and equipment that help you express yourself?

"I’ve bought a lot of my gear over time. I own a Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster, and many Godin guitars – they’re one of my main sponsors.

As far as my “vintage” choices, I have a few. A new acquisition is a ’61 Gibson ES-125 that I love. It’s warm and full-bodied, challenging and responsive. For rockabilly and such, I have a ’67 Gretsch Monkees, complete with whammy bar! For slide blues and roots music, I have a National Resolectric. It’s like a dobro with a standard pickup that you can blend in."

The guitar was used for warm up back-stage for the Cyndi Lauper concerts and used in various settings with Cyndi Lauper, Sheila E. and the all girl band C.O.E.D. (Chronicles Of Every Diva) featuring Sheila E., Cassandra O'Neal, Rhonda Smith, and Kat Dyson. Part of the rig was a Marshall Artist 4203 amp which is also in the TYS Collection.

The guitar can be seen shortly in this video:

C.O.E.D. (Chronicles Of Every Diva) featuring Sheila E., Cassandra O'Neal, Rhonda Smith, and Kat Dyson. 

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