Gibson, Custom Shop Les Paul (1957 Reissue), 1996 - Sébastien Chouard / Adam Wolfaardt


Custom Shop Les Paul (1957 Reissue)
Serial Number: 
7 6593
RS Guitarworks electronic upgrade kit
The Story Behind


About the Guitar:

This Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul is a 1957 Reissue built in 1996. It has been acquired by Sébastien Chouard. Sébastien is a well known French session musician playing with Jean-Louis Aubert, De Palmas and other French acts.

During a De Palmas tour the guitar was scorched by a projector being placed to close. Furthermore when putting the guitar in the flight case it took condensation cracking the finish of the Gold-top. In 2010 Sébastien sold the guitar to Adam Wolfaardt known for his amp-building ( As the guitar, even after the incidents, sounded great he worked the guitar to bring it back to full life. He refretted, aged the guitar and improved the electronics by putting an RS GuitarWorks kit in place. He then used the guitar to demo his amps.

Today the guitar sounds better then ever.

The guitar was used by Christophe Ruppert from the French group Frogspoon on their Springsteen cover Streets of Philadelphia:

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