Gibson, Acoustic J45, 1961 - Noël Redding


Acoustic J45
The Story Behind

Gibson’s Acoustic J45 was a top-selling acoustic guitar for years. Nicknamed “The Workhorse” was first introduced in 1942.

This guitar was Noël Redding's personally owned acoustic guitar. It was lent to Jimi Hendrix for nearly 2 years in the mid 1960's shortly after Noël joined 'The Experience' and this is detailed in a 2 page hand written letter from Noël in which he describes the circumstances. He further details that Jimi used it to rough out songs and in particular the song Fire [which he confirms was witnessed by him]. The letter itself is a fascinating read detailing some information on what it was like on the inside of 'The Experience', with no money etc. This is unquestionably a unique opportunity to get near an item played by Jimi, with fantastic providence from Noël. The guitar spent most of its time with Jimi at his various London flats and was returned to Noël when he formed 'Fat Mattress'. 

This item was originally part of Noël Redding's personal collection and was sold with a significant number of drawings, jewellery and associated memorabilia during 1994. The guitar is paired with a suede leather guitar strap owned and used by Jimi, who has additionally customised and drawn images with 'Jazz' in coloured lettering as well as JHE in red, set around a snake with familiar butterfly images at each end of the strap. This was used by Jimi on the 1968 tours with his 'Flying V' as this strap was for heavier guitars due to its wider girth.


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