Gary Cooper, last prototype, mid '80


Gary Cooper
last prototype
mid '80
The Story Behind

Gary Cooper, luthier and guitar guru, passed away in January 2001 in a car accident. Gary worked at Alembic in 1973, at the beginning of the Wall of Sound time. He left Alembic and started his own guitar brand 'Oasis' in Sacramento, CA. This lasted about 5 years with a production of some very fine guitars most of the time custom made. After that he was a guitar technician at Skip's Music in Sacramento for about 30 years.

This is one of his last creations based on a design request from a client. The video hereunder from a Sacramento local TV station shows Gary Cooper with this guitar. He tells also the story about the origin of this guitar.

His personal designs to work out this guitar are preserved with this fine example of Gary's craftsmanship.

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