Fender, Vibrolux Reverb, 1972 - Ray Monette (Rare Earth)


Vibrolux Reverb
The Story Behind

One of the best amps Fender has ever built. A lower-powered little brother to the Pro and Super models, Fender's 35-watt Vibrolux Reverb is prized for the early breakup of its 6L6 power section and the tight, responsive tone from its 10 inch speakers. Featuring Bass and Treble controls plus a Bright switch for tone shaping on both channels, with lush spring reverb and tube-driven tremolo accessible on the Vibrato inputs. The Silverface models were produced from 1968 to 1972 and were engineered to provide a little more clean headroom than the Blackface models, but are tonally very similar.

This amp was owned and used by Ray Monette of Rare Earth. Fender gave this amp to Ray with a white Strat in 1973. At first the amp was used for Rare Earth rehearsals. And later they took it on the road to be used as an extension guitar monitor for the keyboard and bass players. It was used for that purpose for many years and can be seen in the footage of the California Jam 1974.

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