Fender, Telecaster, 1969 - John Watts (Fischer-Z)


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Humbucking Pickups
The Story Behind

This Fender Telecaster has also been modified to change its sound. It comes from John Watts, being described by a fellow artist as "a force of nature". In the three decades of his career he has amassed a considerable body of creative work. His distinctive writing has steadily evolved against a variety of musical forms encompassing written word, poetry and humour.

John was the mastermind of Fischer-Z, contemporaries of the Police and Talking Heads. He formed the band with Steve Skolnik at Brunel University in 1976. Arriving at a point where punk, art wave and reggae crossed over, they secured a record deal with UA in 1978 alongside the Buzzcocks, the Stranglers and Dr Feelgood.

This guitar belonged originally to Jez Bird, singer/guitarist of English mod revival band The Lambrettas. He gave it to John Watts, who used it extensively throughout his career in the studio and live (mostly as a backup guitar). 

It was played by John on recording sessions for the first 3 Fischer-Z records. Most prominently it is featured on the reggae songs from the Red Skies Over Paradise Lp (1981). This guitar is very versatile and has sounds going from thin to fat and make it a rhythm machine.

The guitar was lend back to Jez Bird to record The Lambrettas hit single Poison Ivy. Over the years John lend this guitar to many other musicians.

The guitar was modified in the early years and remained after that untouched.

A true piece of Rock history and still is a hot reggae rhythm machine!

The guitar in action at the Open Air Festival St. Wendel, Germany 25 June 1989.

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