Fender, Super-Amp 5G4, 1960 - Willy Pultz


Super-Amp 5G4
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About the Amp:

This is an early brownface 40 watt Fender Super-Amp. During 1960, Leo Fender transitioned Fender's entire amplifier product lines from the 1950’s Tweed based amplifiers to the 1960’s Brownface Tolex amplifiers. During the early months of 1960, Fender was shipping amps with different preamp circuits, capacitors and resistors with different values, rectifier circuitry with either one tube or two tubes or solid state rectifier architecture, and a variety of different power tubes.  So there are so many combinations of this amp with different labelling and circuits that it’s difficult to assess from the outside which model you may have.

This is a production run 9 Super-Amp 5G4. 5G4 Super-Amps have five pre amp tubes (Bass-Treble-Volume). The pre amp has four 7025 and one 12AX7 tubesThe tremolo circuit actually uses two of these tubes (four triode stages). The power amp has two 6L6GC. The rectifier is a GZ34.

The amp has two 10” blue-bell Alnico Jensen P10Q speakers.

The Brown Super from the early 60′s is a real sleeper. This amp has the same tremolo circuit as the Concert amp of the same era but with only 2 10″ speakers the amp becomes much more portable. It is tube rectified (unlike the Concert which is solid state rectified) so it can find a sweet spot with power tube saturation at reasonable volume.

A great amplifier in an excellent condition.

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