Fender, Road Worn '50s Telecaster with treatment by Andy Brauer, 2009 - Jeff Kollman


Road Worn '50s Telecaster with treatment by Andy Brauer
2-Color Sunburst
Sheptone Alnico 5, matched set
The Story Behind


About the Guitar:

The first Fender workhorse; the original road warrior guitar. Fender's long road begins with the Telecaster, a guitar that amazingly looked even cooler and handled even better the more players heaped wear-and-tear on it - great when brand-new but positively phenomenal with a few thousand miles on it. Fender's maple-fretboard Road Worn® '50s Telecaster delivers that aged look and feel - built to look, sound and feel like it has survived half a century, designed with 1950s specs, including a nitrocellulose-lacquer finish, and originally supercharged with Tex-Mex™ pickups and 6105 frets.

To enhance the experience Andy Brower takes the guitar a step further. As he explains:

"There's been a lot of talk this year about the FENDER® ROAD WORN™Series guitars and how they compare with other factory relic jobs. Players seem to unanimously agree that the Road Worn series deliver in the important areas: tone, playabilty, looks, comfort and vintage inspiration.

Have you purchased a FENDER® ROAD WORN™ Series Stratocaster® or Telecaster® and found, however, that the factory set up was not to your specs or liking? Do you feel that the frets are too sharp or fretting out? Is the bridge set too high?  If so, then you might want to consider a pro set up.  Indeed, as this model increases in popularity, more and more of them are being brought to me for some AB TLC and upgraded pickups.  The idea is to get even closer to the feel, sound and mojo of an expensive custom shop relic, or even an authentic, 45-year old vintage guitar.

I have developed a Treatment that is designed to make your FENDER®ROAD WORN™ Series guitar feel and sound even BETTER."

The '50s Telecaster® Treatment consists of:

Chamfer frets and polish

Buff and rub out body, headstock and neck

Wax body

Stain neck inlays, knobs and worn areas on body .. seal with nitro

Seal tip and trem tip with nitro

Install Sheptone pups (optional -see below)

Set up, intonate, adjust neck

Seal and stain neck

Smooth out and oil finger board

Adjust action

The recommended option to change out the pickups to the Sheptone Tele® Alnico 5 was made by Jeff. 

See Jeff in action with his Telecaster:


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