Fender, Precision Bass, 1965 - Paul Lebrun


Precision Bas
Serial Number: 
Fiesta Red
Single-coil split pickup
The Story Behind

The Precision Bass was Fender’s first production model bass guitar. It was a revolutionary instrument upon its introduction in 1951, built as a bass counterpart to the Telecaster. The Precision or P Bass evolved throughout the ‘50s with changing electronics, body shape, and cosmetic details. By the beginning of 1965, CBS had taken full control of Fender and began a shift towards mass-production style construction. While some of these changes were not entirely detrimental through 1965, Fenders from 1965 an onward are less collectable than earlier models.

The 1960s was the decade in which the Precision, no longer a newcomer, cemented its reputation as the workhorse bass guitar; unrivalled in tone, feel and sheer indispensability. It was a marvellous and elegantly simple combination of stylish form and efficient design that sounded great and played comfortably. On top of all that it was tough and reliable—a Precision Bass could take a beating out on the road and in everyday studio use. Working bassists loved it. 

This bass belonged to Luxembourgish musician Paul (Low B) Lebrun. He is a locally well known bass player. Born in August 1954 he started playing guitar at the age of 10. At 17 he discovered bass playing and that would remain his passion until his early passing away in November 2014. He was a studio musician and worked with numerous bands as bass player and singer and among others Chris Birch Band, Luke Haas Gang, Mainline, Sacred Numbers und The Winklepickers. Paul played old Ampeg SVT tops or Hiwatts (his main gear is in our TYS Collection). He started playing bass using Fender Precision bass guitars and this is one of his main bass guitars. He got it sunburst, but at a certain moment in time he had it painted Fiesta Red. This made the bass immediately recognisable in the local music-scene. The bass can be seen played by one of his good friends Luke Haas, in the Andy Bausch film, Troublemaker, 1988.

In later years he got his bass guitars custom built by Hot Wire. He had quite an extensive collection of those bass guitars and one can be found also in our TYS Collection.

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