David Boggio, Electric Stereo guitar - Custom built for Ed Cedar


David Boggio
Electric Stereo guitar
DiMarrzio pickups
The Story Behind


About the Guitar:
This is a one-off, one of a kind, piece hand built in Tennessee (outside of Memphis) by a very reclusive builder, David Boggio for the musician, Ed Cedar of Nashville, TN. The guitar was bought directly from Ed who recalls that he has played this guitar on the Grand Old Opry show, on many "famous" artist's cd's as a session player and on many tours with Opry "stars" and many other performers.

This is a perfect guitar due to its uniqueness and incredible sound production. It is solid wood so that gives it sustain off the scale. The neck is thick just right for playing slide guitar. And it has a stereo output that gives it rare and unusual sound production. It has DiMarrzio pickups (anti-hum), phase on/off switch, floyd rose bridge, and carpathian elm wood headstock.

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