Chandler, Royale 12-String Bass, 2001 – Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick)


Royale 12-String Bass
Serial Number: 
Metal Flake Candy Apple Red
Swamp Ash
Laminated Maple
Brazilian Rosewood
Three Passive SUPER 60 Pick-ups
Headstock Overlay of White Italian Celluloid Chandler Guitar Tuners (octave strings) and Gotoh GB-7 Bass Tuners (fundamental strings) 10-Piece Laminated Maple Neck with Graphite Nut and Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard Two Graphite Rod Stabilizers on either side of a Single Truss Rod Extended Neck Design up to the middle pickup adds extra stability 8-Saddle Bridge White Pearl Body Binding White Pearl Pick Guard Three Passive SUPER 60 Pickups with Volume and On / Off Control Three Output Jacks, one for each pickup, modified to Two Output Jacks Stereo or mono output
The Story Behind

About the Builder:

In an advertisment for Chandler's 12-String Bass you could read:

"The Finest 12-String Bass Ever Made"

"Designed in collaboration with Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, this instrument offers outstanding tone and playability in a cool, retro package. The neck's comfortable shaping provides sufficient width for clean execution of low-register notes without being too large to play easily. Chandler's highly acclaimed finishes range from beautiful stained wood colors to outrageous Super Sparkle colors and everything in between."

"The SUPER 60 pickups are voiced to bring out the twang of the octave strings while retaining a solid fundamental with ringing overtones. The neck position pickup is a split-humbucking design offering deep, resonant low end. The middle and bridge pickups are large "soap bars" which give plenty of single-coil bite. Each of the pickups is located under a harmonic for best tone. Individual volume and on/off switches offer control over all possible pickup combinations. Other control layouts are available by customer request."

About the Guitar:

This Metal Flake Candy Apple Red 12-String Bass with White Headstock and Pick Guard was deliverd to Tom Petersson in December 2001. Tom wasn't really happy with the color of this bass and it was subsequently sold. 

Originally it was laid out to have each pick-up linked to an amp. This has been modified to enable a one amp use.

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