B.C. Rich, Bich Supreme 10-String, 1996 - Paul Crook (Meat Loaf)


B.C. Rich
Bich Supreme 10-String
The Story Behind


About the Builder:

The Mockingbird, designed in 1976, was the next B.C. Rich guitar, with the body shape echoing the jagged asymmetry of the Seagull. Like the Seagull, the Mockingbird was available as either a guitar or a bass, though it was originally designed as a bass. In the same year, B.C. Rich also designed the Bich, which is probably one of the better known names of a B.C. Rich vintage guitar. The Bich was originally designed as a 10-string guitar, an idea of Neal Moser, who was one of the people working on the design of this guitar. The idea behind a 10-string guitar is similar to that of a 12-string guitar, with the four highest strings being in pairs, and the two lowest strings standing alone. But not a lot of people play 10-string guitars, so ultimately a 6-string Bich became more practical. The popularity of the Bich has been such that it has been revived as a B.C. Rich design in recent years. 

About the Guitar:

This Bich 10-string guitar was owned and used by Paul Crook. This guitar was part of his 2003 Meat Loaf tour gear and can briefly be seen in the Meat Loaf DVD: Bat out of Hell: Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 2003.

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