B.C. Rich, Bich Double Neck, 1989 - Steve Vai


B.C. Rich
Bich Double Neck Guitar 6/12
The Story Behind


About the Guitar:

Steve Vai got this impressive doubleneck guitar with a lot of knobs and switches from B.C. Rich. It was custom made for him. Reference can be found on Steve Vai's webpage: http://www.vai.com/steves-guitars/?nggpage=2

Among others, he used it in the studio with Whitesnake to record their album Slip of the Tongue in 1989.

Steve Vai about this guitar and the recording of the album in Guitar World Magazine January 1990:

I used my JEM 6-string on one song "Cheap & Nasty", but all the other rhythm parts and solos were done on the 7-string. I also used the Coral Electric Sitar, a Guild acoustic, the stereo Ripley, which I really enjoyed, and that doubleneck B.C. Rich because I needed a 12-string. 

As Steve wrote on the guitar: That's a bitch!

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